Leon Glikman: the matter of immigrants should be put to referendum

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The matter of accepting immigrants should be put to referendum, finds Leon Glikman, attorney-at-law.

 “Forcing the immigrants on a poor country like Estonia is immoral, as the country is not able to meet the needs of its own citizens struggling under the tax burden,” he said. “Knowing what consequences the massive immigration has had in many countries, there are no grounds for assuming that it will be different for Estonia, for which reason it is a matter concerning sovereignty of §1 of constitution which should be put to referendum.”

Glikman does not understand why the Islamic countries which have loads of oil money will not  accept immigrants of Islamic background with whom they would have same cultural and religious background, and why should they be pressured on their religion.

Glikman said that considers the socialistic way of thinking dangerous, because it is based on a formula “the more people with no initiative and depending on the state, the more votes to the Left.” This opens the road to massive immigration and Islamization. “This group elects the Left which in several countries of the European Union has come to importing socialistic votes through liberal immigration politics.”

Favors conservatism

Estonia’s immigration politics has so far been conservative and those who doubt that it is right, are advised to visit Sweden, Malmö, by Glikman. “As a believer of equal opportunities, I disgust discrimination on any attributes, but the principle of equality is not violated by limiting immigration to secure the national security and remaining the civilized way of life,” he said and added that it is strange that large amount of immigrants who run from Islamic regime want to establish the same environment in European countries where they asked asylum from.

The European Commission presented the action plan for immigration in Europe for quick resolving of the Mediterranean crisis situation. According to that plan, about 326 refugees could arrive in Estonia in coming years. This is more than to the countries bigger than Estonia, e.g. Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Minister of the Interior, Hanno Pevkur mentioned in the Question Time of the Parliament that the government supports the voluntary approach, from which a quota is a very small part. “We really need to focus on the origin country, we must help the people there, where they are in trouble,” said Pevkur. “This is a more efficient solution to the problem than just rearranging the people.”

The author of the article is Marge Väikenurm and it was published in Äripäev on 14.05.2015.

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