Leon Glikman`s comment in daily business news of the 22nd of June 2017 on the construction of guest apartments

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Estonian daily business news newspaper „Äripäev“ asked attorney-at-law Leon Glikman to comment on the recent issue that arose in Nõmme regarding the construction of guest apartments. According to Leon Glikman it is only possible to restrict the owner`s constitutional right to decide appropriate actions with his or her land in cases where there is overwhelming public interest or if rights of the neighbors are violated.

„The law provides an owner with the right to use land for business purposes according to his or her discretion. Conflicting rights are balanced mainly in planning proceedings where everyone has the right to present objections and challenge the planning“ finds Leon Glikman in his comment.

Leon Glikman does not see a particular difference between a neighboring home and a guest apartment, as both are used by people and everyone has the right to freely give his or her home to otter people´s use. „The developer builds in order to later sell and rent out the premises. The controversy with the state construction register may mean that the interests of the developer have changed in time and the registry entry has not been updated“ explains Glikman.

The article is available in the „Äripäev“ of the 22nd of June 2017: http://www.aripaev.ee/uudised/2017/06/22/poore-kinnisvaraarendusel-spordihotellist-sai-kodu-nommel 

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