The global population and demand for energy are growing. As in the rest of the world, the effective use of existing resources and reducing the ecological “footprint” are current issues also in Estonia. This means that the energy market is under constant pressure. Market participants must consider the adoption of new technologies and principles. At the same time, the security of supply must be ensured, as the fossil fuels are no longer the favored energy source. And in addition to the afore-mentioned, energy is rather significant from the point of view of the national security.

Law Office LEVIN is one of the oldest in Estonia, having long experience in advising its clients in matters related to energy. We consult our clients in all matters related to this field, from finance and investments to resolving the issues of energy consumption. We are also experienced in the fields of planning and construction, different types of permit granting procedures, competition law and regulatory relations, tax and environmental matters, and also in the fields of contracting, merger, acquisition and dispute resolving. Therefore, in addition to specific matters related to production, supply and sales of energy, we are also able to advise you in all other matters directly or indirectly connected with energy.

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