GLIKMAN ALVIN is now Glikman Alvin LEVIN in co-operation with Kronbergs Čukste LEVIN and Dominas LEVIN

Our team has evolved with the help of various well-known and esteemed experts in the Estonian legal services landscape. Attorney-at-Law Aleksander Glikman has practiced as a dispute attorney for over 65 years and has been a renowned and successful litigator throughout his career, earning the deep respect of not only clients, but also judges and legal scholars.

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Mariko Rukholm

board member
Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN has been our partner in providing legal services since 2012. Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN offers us legal advice in difficult legal matters and represents our interests in court. Services provided by Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN have so far been always very professional, efficient and meeting our expectations. Even though the price level of the office in hourly cost is somewhat higher than the market’s average, the final price of the service will be satisfactory, as compared to main competition, as the time expenditure of Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN seems to be smaller. The price level is also justified by the high quality of the services provided. Because of that, we recommend Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN.
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Allan Ilves

board member
We have used the company in various areas since 2014. They were quick both in responding and also giving the solution. Priit Raudsepp has great industry knowledge and is very business-minded. 
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Rasmus Tipp

Head of Creative Development
Level of service is excellent. They are proactive, fast in response time, revealing and explaining angles and approaches which might have been hidden in initial scope of the task. The cooperation with Priit Raudsepp has been especially valuable and insightful. His wider background knowledge has helped us to make appropriate business decisions and feel strong about moving into the right direction while still being law abedient.
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We value confidentiality more than anything, but these clients have exceptionally agreed to publish their feedback.

Aleksander Glikman

Partner, adviser


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Last news and references

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Riding at your own risk: A legal look at rental scooters

Artur Sanglepp , Kätlin Ots
Scooter sharing schemes are conquering the world—and often triggering emotional reactions. In the French city of Marseille, for instance, it has become a game of sorts for young people to throw them into the sea en masse. You either love or hate them, that much seems clear. But from a legal point of view, the matter isn’t quite as cut and dry. 

Leon Glikman was appointed as mediator for Vietnam International Arbitration Centre

Leon Glikman
VIAC is an independent and non-profit organization. The objective of VIAC is to promote the dispute resolution method of arbitration or alternative dispute resolutions (ADR).

Your own land, and how to get to it

Kätlin Ots
Not every plot comes with its own access to a public road. In many cases, access is only possible by crossing—and thus using—someone else’s property. Where the agreement in place is clear and simple, this isn’t an issue. But where it isn’t, things might become difficult very quickly.
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